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Firing Workers for Organizing: One More Reason to Boycott Walmart

Need a reason to boycott Walmart? How about this: the corporation has fired 11 of its workers for organizing fellow workers to advocate for better pay and working conditions — a legally-protected activity. Dozens more have been punished by Walmart without losing their jobs.

Is that not enough? Do you need another reason to boycott Walmart? How about this: Walmart just pled guilty to dumping pollutants — not just in one location but in 18 California counties.

Is that still not enough? Do you need yet another reason to boycott Walmart? How about this: The thousand-plus legions underpaid Bangladeshi workers who were killed in the collapse of an unsafe factory were making clothing for WalMart. WalMart flooded the world with public relations documents claiming it had ended its relationship with that sweatshop factory, but in fact was taking in huge amounts of clothing from that supplier, making profits off of paying pennies a day to poor people doomed to death and then lying about it. It’s not just a Bangladesh problem either. Walmart products = sweatshop labor.

Do you still need another reason to boycott Walmart? Well, then apparently you need a head transplant.

2 thoughts on “Firing Workers for Organizing: One More Reason to Boycott Walmart”

  1. Bill says:

    And not to forget: Walmart admits it is guilty of sustained and systematic illegal bribery of officials throughout Mexico, India, and elsewhere in the developing world, and that executives including the CEO knew of this for years without taking action.

    Walmart is rotten to the core.

  2. Betty Williams says:

    I have lost 3 dogs with undiagnosed ailments, all sudden unexplained death, following bloody diarrhea. All were fed, (unknown to me) dog food from China. I have started making my own dog food and will no longer use any food from a foreign country. Japan is the biggest maker of Aspartame, a deadly poison artificial sweetener. They will end up killing more Americans than the A bomb did killing Japanese. I don’t know why stores insist on selling foreign made products, that is why our economy is in the gutter. Walmart, while Sam Walton was alive, promised only to sell USA made. The next store that comes out with that promise will put all the others out of business. I will no longer buy there, and to think at one time it was my favorite store.

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