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House Republicans Try To Impose Big Government To Profit Big Oil

Whenever Republicans take a stand to defend an ugly policy, like defunding food for babies, slashing education budgets, or cutting off medical care for the sick and injured, they try to pretend that it’s a matter of political philosophy, rather than just part of their larger effort to help a few wealthy people get even more wealthy. They say that they’re opposed to Big Government. They say that they want state and local governments to be granted more authority, and to take power away from the federal government.

It’s a load of hooey. Whenever Republican politicians get a chance to use the power of federal government to help their own corporate special interest groups, they happily do so. Republicans eagerly use the power of Big Government to smash the decisions of state and local governments.

Yesterday, for example, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to impose the will of Big Government on the central California coast. The state and local governments there have made it plain that they don’t want more offshore drilling for oil.

For the Big Government Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives, that’s intolerable, because the Big Government Republicans in Washington D.C. aren’t just for Big Government. They’re for Big Oil too. They’re Big Government For Big Oil Republicans.

lois capps amendmentSo, when House Republicans crafted H.R 2231, the Drill Baby Drill Act of 2013, they specifically targeted the central California coast. The Republican legislation created a Big Government mandate, requiring the people of the central California coastline to open up their waters to the reckless oil drillers from the industry that brought us the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Yesterday, when Democratic U.S. Representative Lois Capps presented an amendment to remove the Big Government mandate of offshore oil drilling along the central California coast, the House Republicans howled in fury. What gave any state or local government the right, they asked, to make its own decisions about whether to allow polluters to foul their landscape?

Not a single Republican voted for the Capps amendment.

The House Republicans voted to slap the Capps amendments down, asserting that the federal government knows best, and should impose the same policies for offshore drilling everywhere, regardless of what people want for their own communities. The House Republicans want to use the power of Big Government to help the oil companies of Texas to force the citizens of California to comply with their oily schemes.

So long as it’s for the sake of big corporate profits, Republicans embrace the power of Big Government. They just don’t want Big Government to help the little people.

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