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Oh, To Be An Atom

imageThe following is a poem written by a 6th grade student in 1962. I found it yesterday in a stack of papers left behind in a garage by a teacher, who died decades ago.

Oh, to be an atom
Having so much power.
Why, when a single neutron hits me
Boom! How the people cower!

But while I am an atom
I’d be very peaceful too
Making power, stopping cancer
Peaceful things, that’s what I’d do.

Oh, to be an atom
Sitting in a missile
Controlling the very fate of the world
And being oh, so very little.

One thought on “Oh, To Be An Atom”

  1. Tom says:

    Lucky she didn’t live to see the fallout from Chernobyl, Fukushima, Hanford, San Onofre, Palisades and others. By his poem, it’s evident that the corporate message got through to this young child, who, if he’s still alive and is paying any attention at all, has probably come to the conclusion that the so-called peaceful power is deadly and hangs around for a long time after it’s initiated.

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