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Conservation Union Updates Endangered Species

photo copyright university of kansas dept. of herpetology

photo copyright university of kansas dept. of herpetology

First, the good news. Fleischmann’s robber frog has be found. Suspected to be extinct, the Panamanian amphibian, first discovered in 1892, has been rediscovered after not being seen for years. The species is still critically endangered, but it’s not lost forever.

Now, the bad news: The overlooked squeaker frog of Tanzania is critically endangered, and possibly extinct. The woundfin has been functionally extirpated from its critical habitat in the Virgin River in the American Southwest, and survives only because of a hatchery-based reintroduction to the Gila River. The Cape Verde giant skink, whose fats were once used in medicines, has been hunted to extinction by cats and rats.

These are among the findings included in the latest update to the International Conservation Union’s Red List, which describes species of plants and animals in danger of extinction around the world.

3 thoughts on “Conservation Union Updates Endangered Species”

  1. Tom says:

    must be a long list! Millions of bees dead in CA, fish by the thousands washing up and floating on the surface in various places, sheep dropping dead from the heat in Oregon, who knows how much wildlife is being killed due to the raging wildfires, and the unseen plankton die-off, krill, etc. is even worse, being the base of the entire marine food chain.

  2. Bill says:

    One of my favorite spots in Southern California is Zzyzx Station (a name you can love), once an evangelical Christian spa and today the home of the California State University’s Desert Studies Center. There’s a small decorative fountain out front of the main building which, I was once told, is the last remaining ‘habitat’ of a species of endangered desert pupfish.

    Build more fountains, boys.

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