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Finding Free Food At Falling Fruit

Across the country, people are struggling to get enough food to eat. In most places across the country, there are places where good, healthy food is growing, but goes uneaten. There’s fruit on bushes and trees, and shoots and leaves on common weeds. People walk by these plants all the time without thinking to harvest.

Falling Fruit seeks to change that. The site provides a map of places were there are plants with edible parts growing, ready to be foraged by people looking for free food.

It’s an interesting idea, though there are some boundaries in foraging suggested on Falling Fruit that I would hesitate to cross. For example, I’ve found a high school on the map where cattails are identified as a harvestable plant. It’s true that parts of the cattail can be harvested and eaten, but when the roots and shoots are eaten, the plant is destroyed. I can’t see myself just walking onto the grounds of a high school and digging up some plants for dinner. I’d be wrecking a wetland habitat in the process.

Picking some mulberries off a volunteer tree in a city park is more my speed.

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