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Photos Show Crowds at Restore the Fourth Protests, July 4 2013

They could be sunning themselves at the beach, but in 60 cities across the nation today (and in a few other places) Americans are protesting the newly revealed warrantless surveillance state in a new movement self-organized on social media called Restore the Fourth. If past behavior is any indication, major newspapers like the New York Times will ignore the existence of these protests entirely, writing instead about the charming fashion of ladies in the Hamptons who have their illegal immigrant help knit leggings out of belly-button lint. Without the help of corporate media, it’s up to you and me (and, as you can see below, some small news outlets) to spread the word and document these protests.

The photos are coming in:

Union Square, New York City:
Restore the Fourth Protest in Union Square, New York City
At Restore the Fourth Protest in NYC: Yes We Scan Banner

Washington, DC:
Restore the Fourth Protest, Washington DC

Restore the Fourth Protest Photograph, Philadelphia

Restore the Fourth Protest 7/4/13 in Dallas

Boston, MA:
Restore the Fourth Protest in Boston
Restore the Fourth Protest Photo in Boston by Dustin Slaughter

Cedar Rapids (Kudos to KCRG reporter Dave Franzman for covering this one):
Restore the Fourth demonstration in Cedar Rapids

Austin, TX:
Austin, Texas protest for Restore the Fourth

Raleigh, NC:
Restore the Fourth Rally in Raleigh, NC

Munich (in, yep, Germany):
Restore the Fourth Munich

Iowa City:
Restore the Fourth Iowa City Protest against Warrantless Surveillance

Restore the Fourth Chicago Protest on Independence Day 2013

If you have images of Restore the Fourth protests, share them and spread them. Such images are not what sparked the Occupy movement, but they are what sparked official media recognition of it.

P.S. As I thought, the New York Times is featuring exactly zip on the “Restore the Fourth” protests happening in New York City and around the country. It does, however, feature a special section devoted to the problem of shopping for your second home in Belgium.

6 thoughts on “Photos Show Crowds at Restore the Fourth Protests, July 4 2013”

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  3. C. Peterson says:

    I found out about these events by watching RT (Russia Today)TV on Comcast channel 81. Totally different perspective on what’s happening in our world. Switched to Fox thinking they might be covering the protests, but alas, only Zimmerman and such drivel… (just heard about Bitcoin a minute ago on RT TV. A new way to trade without Bernanke and the boys)…ah, but I digress. Obviously, our MSM is not concerned with news but propaganda. Wake up, folks

    PS…I’m not an employee of RT TV…just an average American citizen looking for the truth.

    1. Sahari says:

      God bless you C Peterson. Seek and ye shall find! So refreshing to read your remarks.

  4. Rainbow Warrior says:
  5. Billy Buerger says:

    It’s not national news but I just saw our local news station reporting on the protest in Minneapolis…

  6. Barbara Murphy-Bridge says:

    Nice to see someone acknowledging the demo’s on July 4th –
    what’s with mainstream media in the US these days ?

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