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Statements In Protest Of Homeland Security Surveillance Programs By Restore The Fourth Rallies

Americans have been observing this Fourth of July holiday by gathering across the United States to protest programs by the NSA, FBI and USPS to eavesdrop on our telephone calls and emails, seize our texts and social media records, watch us from the skies, and even keep track of every single letter we send and receive through the U.S. Postal Service. For these Americans, patriotism isn’t expressed by waving a flag or by watching fireworks. They demonstrate their patriotism by taking action to defend the cause of liberty in the U.S.A. The following are just a few statements from those who are among the patriotic protesters today:

stop big government surveillance“We all know the NSA is listening, let’s give them something to listen to today!”Alex Turner in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“We come from all across the political spectrum, but what we all have in common is this: The right to be secure in our persons against unlawful search and seizures is a basic human right; a right that has been severely violated by our current government.” – Restore the Fourth Witchita

“I believe in the ideals this nation is founded on. Mass surveillance and near totalitarianism is a violation of basic American principles.”Mike Hasty in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

“Our right to privacy is one of the fundamental freedoms that makes America the country it is today… So if the government is not going to respect this, it’s up to the people to come out here, stand up, and defend their rights.Leighton Cline, in Raleigh, North Carolina

“We’re here because we’re upset about the revelations of the NSA’s unconstitutional surveillance on Americans. It’s a violation of our Fourth Amendment right to privacy. They’re doing this without warrants, without justification.”James Miller in Louisville, Kentucky

“There are too many people who seem like they want to give up a little bit of freedom for what the government is going to claim is going to give you more safety. We don’t believe that. We believe the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution is what matters.”Timothy Dean in Rochester, New York

“We want to know exactly how far this surveillance goes. We know that they are collecting all phone calls, all emails, all texts, all credit card transactions- so we know how broad it is,but we would like to know how deep it is. We feel that is our right as American citizens.”Christy Johnson in Birmingham, Alabama

“President Obama should renounce the NSA worldwide dragnet of phone records, Metadata and Internet communications. It is time to bring transparency to U.S. foreign policy, stop classifying materials that are not justifiably classified so that we, the American people, know what is being done in our name.” – Leah Bolger, Secretary of Defense, and Kevin Zeese, Attorney General in the Green Shadow Cabinet

“They have increasing been encroaching on domestic surveillance to the point Americans communication with other Americans. This is against their own charter. It is also unconstitutional. The Fourth Amendment guarantees our right against unwarranted and unreasonable search and seized and that includes the search of data and information.”Silvia Wilma in Savannah, Georgia

“The NSA programs that have been exposed are blatantly unconstitutional, and have a detrimental effect on free speech and freedom of press worldwide. This is going to be our biggest protest since SOPA, and it should be no surprise. You can’t disregard people’s privacy, invade their personal lives on a daily basis, and not expect them to fight back.”Tiffiny Cheng, Internet Defense League

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