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Has Global Warming Slowed Down? Not According To The Facts.

First, the industrial polluters pushed the line that global warming isn’t happening. Then, when science clearly established that global warming is real, the polluters said that global warming isn’t caused by human activity. Then, when a huge body of scientific research established that anthropogenic hypotheses of global warming best fit the available facts, the polluters retreated to the argument that global warming should be welcomed, making life better for humankind. Finally, since it’s become clear that the effects of global warming are causing far more human and financial harm than benefit, the polluters are saying that the rate of global warming is slowing down, so we don’t have to worry about it any more.

In response to the arguments that global warming is slowing down, we now have the following facts from the new global climate report from the World Meteorological Organization:

world meteorological organization

  • “The first decade of the 21st century was the warmest decade recorded since modern measurements began around 1850.”
  • The last decade “saw above-average precipitation, including one year – 2010 – that broke all previous records.”
  • In the first decade of this century, the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide rose to historically record-breaking levels.
  • “Nine of the decade’s years were among the 10 warmest on record.”
  • The hottest year on record was just three years ago.
  • “The decade 2001– 2010 continued the upward trend in global temperatures, despite the cooling effects of multiple La Niña episodes and other natural year-to-year variability”
  • The five years with the lowest Arctic ice extent to date were in the first decade of this century (and the record lowest ice extent has come since, last year)
  • The per-decade rate of global temperature increase from the last decade of the 20th century to the first decade of the 21st century was the fastest on record, far above the average decadal rate of temperature change since 1880.

    global warming not slowing

  • One thought on “Has Global Warming Slowed Down? Not According To The Facts.”

    1. Charles-Eva Manning says:

      The questions are complex. The average person hears that we’re undergoing global warming, and they expect that each year will be warmer than the last. That isn’t happening. They hear that CO2 in the atmosphere is steadily increasing, never going down from month to month, and that CO2 is the main cause of warming. Yet the global temperature sometimes goes down. 2011 and 2012 were cooler than 2010.

      And then there are the alarmists who for years have been predicting a “tipping point” after which humans will go extinct. It hasn’t happened, and I think the evidence fails to sustain belief in such a tipping point for 100 years or more. These alarmists make it harder for the average person to believe what science tells us, almost unanimously, about global warming.

      As I see it, belief in the reality and danger of global warming doesn’t entail belief in a steady year to year increase in global temperature, any more than we should expect each day to be warmer than the next. Natural forcings, such as, but not only, the seasons, sunspots, volcanoes, and ocean upwellings, sometimes cause overall global temperatures for months or years to drop below what they were before. We also shouldn’t expect the extinction of humans in the lifetimes of our grandchildren or great-grandchildren, even if we lose polar bears.

      What do we do about the millions of people, especially those with financial interests at stake, who continue failing to admit or recognize that anthropogenic global warming is real and dangerous? I think the best response is to work harder on energy programs that limit greenhouse gases. Advances are occurring every day. Once such measures become less costly than continuing reliance on fossil fuels, it won’t matter what the “deniers” say. They’ll be driving electric cars, and paying wind turbine companies and solar power producers, along with the rest of us.

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