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Canadian Oil Leaking And Exploding, But Still Corporations Love The XL Pipeline Idea

Today, a “large swath” of Lac-Mégantic, a town in Quebec, was obliterated in explosions caused by crude oil that was being transported through the town. Large amounts of the crude oil also spilled into the Chaudiere River. The oil was being sent to Maine, to be used by Americans to cruise around in their cars and boats.

The crude oil disaster comes on the heels of a series of large oil spills in pipelines across the Canadian west, originating from the Alberta tar sands.

Why, with these kind of disasters associated with Canadian oil, are corporations still pushing for the XL crude oil pipeline to be built across the U.S. midwest? The people and places who are struck by these disasters are devastated, it’s true, but for the oil companies, the catastrophes are just a small cost of doing business, barely impacting their profit margins.

2 thoughts on “Canadian Oil Leaking And Exploding, But Still Corporations Love The XL Pipeline Idea”

  1. Wendell Dryden says:

    You got that this was a train derailment, right? I mean, I agree that pipelines are trouble and we need to leave the carbon in the ground and all that. But your post reads like this was a pipeline spill – it’s not, and it’s being used by some as an argument in favour of pipelines.

    A small edit wouldn’t hurt. (Um, plus, the 1st link went 404 for me.)

    CBC News:

  2. Green Man says:

    Thanks, Wendell, for your comment and for your note on the broken link. That’s fixed.

    I never said the Quebec incident involved a pipeline. The point is that transporting crude oil is highly dangerous to humans and toxic to natural ecosystems. It’s ridiculous to use this accident as a justification for pipelines, which also explode and spew oil.

    No neighborhood was ever obliterated because bicycles were traveling through town. U.S. residents could easily, and dramatically, reduce the amount of oil they consume if only they would stop being so freaking lazy and used their muscles more often than their automobiles.

    This explosion was a direct consequence of American sloth.

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