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Baking The Queen’s Cookies

I have, just now, found my limit. I have discovered how far my love of the Internet goes. It reaches right up to the threshold of Buckingham Palace, where the Queen of England advises me about how she manages her cookies.

If a queen is going to talk to me about cookies, I want her to tell me about recipes, or about a lovely little baker in Dover, or about how to properly serve tea with the tasty darlings.

If the British are going to have anachronisms symbolically leading their country, can’t they at least keep them historically restrained? I suppose being anachronistic means that you can abuse any time period you want, but when the royal family advises me about how their web site is going to track me, it leaves me feeling like simply turning my back on Elizabeth and walking straight out of the room normally the next time she comes to visit.

It’s next Tuesday, I think, if you’re curious.

royal tracking devices

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