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What The Bloop Is That Worth?

What the bloop?

That’s an important question, upscale and brandable, even, according to the web site, which is selling the registration rights to Only 5% of domain names are as good or better than, they say, citing “experts”. They say that controlling “could change your real-world destiny.”

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What the bloop makes so valuable?

Investigating the bloop, I discovered that the bloop truly is something specific, rather than just a fun-sounding bunch of letters slapped together. The bloop is, or was, a great mystery.

In 1997, a remarkable, very loud, bloop-like sound was heard on underwater microphones stationed around all across the Pacific Ocean. Once the public found out about the great bloop, there was rampant speculation. Some people proposed that the bloop might be the call of a yet-undiscovered gigantic underwater animal.

It turns out, however, that the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration knew all along where the bloop came from. It was merely the sound caused by the an increasingly-frequent event of a big chunk of ice breaking free from the Antarctic shelf.

There wasn’t much to the bloop, except the false appearance of a mystery. With the mystery explained, it looks like the bloop is over and done, which explains why even Bloop Frozen Yogurt, a small cold dairy chain with shops in Virginia and Michigan, isn’t interested in buying through

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