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If You See Something Say Something

Terrorism in the United States is so rare that it’s almost completely non-existent.  Yet, the cutural norm in the USA is to pretend that terrorism is always on the verge of erupting across the nation.  So, the majority says, we need to be always on the lookout for terrorizing evildoers, snooping on our friends, neighbors, and everybody else in our immediate vicinity.

If we see something, we’re supposed to say something.  Saying something means reporting on other people to federal agents.  Seeing something means, well, seeing something.


Well, far be it from me to allow the fabric of everything American rip apart on my watch. So, fellow Homelanders, I feel duty bound to let you all know that I see something:

I see a red bird looking at me.

Reader, reader, what do you see?

3 thoughts on “If You See Something Say Something”

  1. Charles Manning says:

    Terrorism is like airline crashes. The crash at San Francisco took one life. Sure, there were lots of injuries and a lot of loss of property. Compared to the number of people injured and killed across the country by gun violence the day of the crash, it was as minor incident. It was almost insignificant compared to the toll from cigarette smoking. However, in the public consciousness, the airliner crash was a major disaster demanding extensive governmental response. So too, terrorism. The Boston marathon incident didn’t amount to much — except in the reaction of the public. And the reaction of the public is largely fueled by the coverage of the mainstream media.

    I’m not inclined to shrug my shoulders about the San Francisco crash. Same thing with the Boston bombings. We have to stop such events, even if the reality is very different from the perception by the media and general public.

    Terrorism is most effectively fought by vigilance on the part of the public. “See something, say something” is a very substantial tool in fighting terrorist acts — a much better tool than law enforcement by itself. Law enforcement is practically useless unless private citizens report something first. The real problem is that the rich and powerful want everyone to think we can’t fight terrorism without massive expenditures for weapons, military expeditions, etc. — expenditures that line the pockets of the rich and powerful. I say let the public do the job. Keep the lines of communication between private citizens and conventional law enforcement open. And don’t allow minor incidents like the Boston bombings to derail the country, just as the San Francisco crash isn’t going to make a significant difference in air travel.

  2. Dave says:

    See something. Say something. Regarding the Boston bombers, the Russians saw something, said something. Lotta good it did. Also, folks at a Mosque in Boston saw something, said something. No response. Your present government has no interest in keeping even a few of its citizens legs from being blown off. None at all. So why are they telling us to watch each other? Oh, wait. I just saw something. My government gave over a hundred thousand dollars in financial assistance to the Boston bombers. Who should I report this to?

  3. Tom says:

    Oh, sure – i’ll say something since i’m immersed in it: pollution! How about stopping all the toxic pollution that comes from living in our “oh so great” empire? Our garbage and waste amounts to mountains of plastic, chemicals, and trash being strewn all over the planet. Industrial civilization gives us farm run-off that makes dead zones that are pluming hydrogen sulfide and methane, while fracking produces methane (and a bunch of other toxic gases) being released into the atmosphere while the liquid waste is impossible to clean or treat so that i can drink it and it’s radioactive – yet they dump it where ever they can! Even the conventional factories emit clouds of smog and particulates, along with other waste products. Our water is not treated for pharmaceuticals, medical waste or certain poisons that wash into streams as a result of mining (and Hanford nuclear plant is leaking plutonium into the groundwater and nearby Columbia River). Our air is becoming worse each year and now carries Fukushima’s radiation all around the world (not to mention all the other nuke plants that routinely vent this deadly byproduct).

    No one is paying any attention to all the wildlife dying each day by our hand – run over, polluted to death, loss of habitat, and climate change (to mention a few factors killing everything from bees to bears, fish to fowl, and humans too via diseases that come from breathing and eating all this pollution we think “goes away” when we live this way). This is just the tip of a vast “iceberg” of death we create and maintain through “civilization.”

    I doubt that’s what the powers that be or the homeland insecurity goons want to hear or will do anything about.

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