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After a Big Gay Fall, How has the Vengeful God been Dealing out Hurricanes?

A number of prominent fundamentalist religious preachers in America…

… have repeatedly insisted that God uses weather disasters to punish communities for allowing gay people to hold hands, kiss, speak to each other or live with each other — the sort of relationship activities that straight couples exhibit all the time. These preachers have been particularly apoplectic about the prospect of same-sex marriage. In loving judgment, “sodomy marriage,” the fundamentalists warned us over and over, God will punish those lands and peoples who allow same-sex marriage to occur. Don’t come crying to us when the killer tornadoes, floods and hurricanes inundate the liberal states, they said.

The year 2013 presents an excellent opportunity to test the notion of anti-Gay weather judgment. After all, in the Fall of 2013 the people of multiple states voted to legalize same-sex marriage, and over the Winter of 2013 a number of state legislatures legalized same-sex marriage too. Now that we’re in hurricane season, if those fundamentalist preachers are right, we should see the sodomiferous states getting pummeled while the states where same-sex marriage is still outlawed should be spared.

There have been three named storms in the 2013 hurricane season so far. Their tracks are shown below: circles show where the storms maintained full strength, and triangles show where the storms downgraded to just regular old weather systems with rain. Red asterisks show where damage and death followed from the storms.

Tracks of 2013 Hurricane Season so far

Well, will you look at that: two out of the three storms stayed over Caribbean nations and Mexico, nations which don’t have legal same-sex marriage. In the United States, the one storm that has hit the United States has caused damage and death exclusively in states where same-sex marriage is illegal, sparing the states where same-sex marriage is legal. By the time the tropical storm made its way up to my state of Maine, where same-sex marriage is legal, it was a regular rainstorm, the main effect of which was to help plants here grow in lush beauty.

If the fundamentalist preachers I mentioned above based their opinions on observable reality, they’d be humming a different tune about the morality of same-sex marriage right about now. That’s a test, too.

One thought on “After a Big Gay Fall, How has the Vengeful God been Dealing out Hurricanes?”

  1. Jim Cook says:

    The fourth named storm is exclusively threatening the anti-gay-marriage Southeastern states:

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