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Holy John Shimkus Embraces Blasphemy For Lobbyist Cash

shimkus book of mormon fundraiserThis may qualify as the weirdest bit of political news I’ve come across this year so far: A brief notice by Politico shares the news that Republican U.S. Representative John Shimkus, who likes to portray himself as a clean-living Christian congressman, and says he loves his religion so much that he’ll cite the Bible as proof that global warming doesn’t exist, is having a fundraiser tonight at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. tonight.

It’s not just any old boring fundraiser where lobbyists pay a thousand dollars to have a glass of wine while planning legislation with Representative Shimkus. Oh, no. Tonight, in exchange for political contributions, John Shimkus will be sitting special box seats to share with lobbyists and political action committee leaders at a performance of the musical The Book Of Mormon. Shimkus will be available to talk about his donors’ political needs during intermission, but during the show, Shimkus will be busy listening to songs in which the declaration, “Fuck You God!” is made repeatedly by the actors on stage.

Apparently, Congressman Shimkus thinks that pious Christianity is only good for keeping oil company profits high. When the lobbyists come a-calling, Shimkus is happy to toss that old time religion out the window.

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