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We Are Amused. Gay Marriage Okay In England. Why Is The USA Behind In Equality?

When you think of a nation that’s ready to shed tradition, the United Kingdom is not the first that comes to mind. The very name of the nation suggests the memory of feudal warlords battling over control of a little island. The United States sound a bit more up-to-date, with the abstraction of state replacing the old-fashioned notion of sovereignty resting in a monarch wearing jewels and frilly clothing.

Yet, it’s Queen Elizabeth II of England, almost 90 years old, who has put her ceremonial stamp of approval on same-sex marriage. They may still have dukes and princesses, but the UK has now legalized marriage equality. We here in the United States, on the other hand, are still mired in marriage inequality, keeping to the archaic forms out of a sense of obligation to tradition.

Compared to the old country, we in the colonies are showing ourselves to rather out of date.

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