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Neuro Bliss Correlated With Psychological Stress

On the way to the train station this afternoon, I passed by this street advertisement for a drink called Neuro Bliss.  Neuro Bliss is manufactured and marketed by NeuroDrinks, a company with an entire line of liquid products that promise, rather vaguely, to promote health.

Neuro Bliss is promised to reduce stress, but not one of the claims NeuroDrinks makes about the ingredients in Neuro Bliss is supported by the FDA.  There is no independent scientific study that correlates drinking Neuro Bliss with reduced stress.


Actually, there is evidence that drinking Neuro Bliss will be associated with stress, not bliss.  A single serving of Neuro Bliss costs $2.50, even when the drink is bought in bulk packs of twelve.  Even if a person drinks just one Neuro Bliss per day, the habit will create a $912.50 debt every year.  Financial loss has been correlated with psychological stress.

Will NeuroDrinks release a Neuro Skeptic beverage, designed to promote critical thinking? I doubt it. That would be bad for business.

Count Neuro Bliss as Neuro snake oil.

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