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Congressional Priority: Suspending Import Duties for Outsourced Goods

At, it’s possible to carry out a boolean search of the Congressional Record and proposed legislation to get a sense of both the rhetoric of speeches and the priorities for action in the U.S. Congress. The following figures represent legislation in most recently completed 112th Congress:

# of pieces of legislation before the Congress referencing…
“terrorists” or “terrorism”: 532
“food” or “hunger”: 852
“disease” or “illness”: 961
“school” or “schools”: 1,203
“safety”: 1,530
“duty” and (“suspend” or “suspension”): 2,162

# of references in the Congressional Record referencing…
“duty” and (“suspend” or “suspension”): 621
“terrorists” or “terrorism”: 2,561
“disease” or “illness”: 3,083
“food” or “hunger”: 3,261
“safety”: 4,338
“school” or “schools”: 8,452

Our Representatives and Senators don’t talk about it very much at all, but are quietly devoting the plurality of their practical attention to suspending import duties for goods and substances produced in outsourced operations by overseas factories.

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