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US Bombing Of Great Barrier Reef Exposes Sham Sequestration Fears

There are real problems being cause by the sequestration budget cuts approved by President Obama and Republicans and Democrats in Congress. Pregnant women and babies are struggling to buy good food to eat. Head Start educational programs for preschoolers are turning applicants away.

great barrier bombAs these genuine hardships are felt across the nation, the military decided to add its complaints into the mix. Although the U.S. military has a far larger budget than any other military anywhere in the world, the military complains that sequestration cuts will cramp its style, and leave it incapable of defending the United States from invading armies.

At the very same time as it was issuing these complaints, the U.S. military was submitting a request to spy on the telephone calls made by every single American with a Verizon account. Somehow the military didn’t have trouble finding enough money to fund such a massive spying network.

Now, months later, far into the sequestration, how is the military coping with budget cuts? The military had warned that with the budget cuts, it wouldn’t have enough money to adequately train its pilots to go and bomb the enemy.

Today, we’re learning that, despite all those warnings about how the training of bombers would end under sequestration, the training has gone on. The military has been training its pilots to drop bombs in Australian waters. So, this week, the U.S. military pilot trainees have bombed the Great Barrier Reef, with the explosives landing in a marine sanctuary there.

If the U.S. military budget has really crippled training, how come there’s still enough money in for training to send pilots halfway around the world to attack enemy coral reefs?

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