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Congress Votes Against Protecting Human Health From Dangerous Coal Waste

The Waxman amendment to the H.R. 2218, the Coal Residuals Reuse and Management Act, was simple and, one would think, something everyone could agree on. The amendment merely would add the requirement that the management of coal waste should be conducted in a manner “to protect human health and the environment”. If you’re dealing with coal wastes, the amendment from Representative Henry Waxman said, you can’t do things with it that wreck the landscape, foul the water, or endanger human lives.

Coal waste is dangerous. It contains high amounts of heavy metals that can cause serious illness and block healthy human development.

dirty coalNonetheless, for 231 members of Congress, the basic idea of responsible waste management by the coal industry was too much. They voted down the Waxman amendment today, saying that the coal industry shouldn’t have to worry about protecting human health, and can’t afford to do business without spreading pollution.

It wasn’t just Republicans who voted against the Waxman amendment. 8 Democrats crossed the aisle to vote it down. These pro-pollution, anti-health Democrats are:

Ron Barber
Sanford Bishop
Jim Costa
Ron Kind
Ann Kirkpatrick
Bill Owens
Collin Peterson
Kyrsten Sinema

2 thoughts on “Congress Votes Against Protecting Human Health From Dangerous Coal Waste”

  1. Tom says:

    They’ve been doing this for years Green Man. Why would you expect something different now? Industry only works because they can rip off the environment and trash it at the same time without regard to cost (according to their fantasy economics). Now that they have decimated the EPA, bought off congress and have the polluter-in-chief in the White House, it’s all lookin’ like rainbows and ponies to the big “playas.”

  2. Green Man says:

    Industry COULD work differently, if more people paid attention. I’m not expecting to change the corruption in Big Coal and Congress. I am hoping in a small way to contribute to the public awareness of the corruption. There have been almost no news organizations covering this vote.

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