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Dragons Are The New Vegetables, Soap Reveals

dragon blood soapI admit that I bought a bar of Dragon’s Blood Soap for no sensible reason.

I don’t know anything about the cleaning properties of Dragon’s Blood Soap. I don’t know what kind of lather it makes, or how it smells, or it it moisturizes anything.

I just saw the box of the the soap, read the name, and thought, “Hey, the idea of soap made from the blood of dragons sounds pretty awesome! I’ll bring that home and see what people make of it!”

Now that I’ve brought the soap home, though, my family has pointed out something rather peculiar: The box of Dragon’s Blood Soap says that the soap is “100% vegetable based soap”.

This reveals a rather unexpected discovery. Dragons are not the flying reptiles people have long assumed them to be. Instead, dragons are flying vegetables that just look like reptiles.

Chalk it up to convergent evolution.

dragons blood soap

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