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What Do You Do With Your Zucchini?

Zucchini season has started in my garden, and the first fruits have been incorporated into this yummy zucchini bread. I use a recipe from the Better Homes and Garden cookbook, but add ginger and substitute molasses and brown sugar where the recipe calls for white sugar.

zucchini bread on a summer day

Yum. A fella can only eat so much zucchini bread, though. I’m wondering, as I do most years, what I’m going to do with all my zucchini. Tell me, one gardener to another: what you do with yours?

2 comments to What Do You Do With Your Zucchini?

  • Dave

    Cut me a piece o’ that, will ya. Down here in N. Florida the nematodes are bodacious and the zucchini can be puny. A deep till will usually help, but we’re fortunate to get a good loaf of this stuff even in a good year. Send along some real soil if you can spare it, we use it for fertilizer.

  • Tom

    Stir fry it with onions, squash, & peppers. Bread it lightly and fry it (I know, I know, fried foods are “bad for ya”). Make a ratatouille with tomatos, onions, zucchini, and whatever other veggies you like and serve over rice. Finally, my favorite:
    zucchini lasagna! (I had this problem a few years ago, ya see . . .this year it’s too many cuccumbers – i’m givin’ away pounds of ’em to the food pantry in town). Use your imagination (try it as a pizza topping?).

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