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Senate Blocks Amendment To Restrict Aid To Egypt After Military Coup

U.S. law requires an end to aid to any country where the national government has been overthrown by a military coup. The national government of Egypt was recently overthrown by a military coup. Yet, the Obama Administration has refused to comply with the law, acknowledge that Egypt is ruled by people appointed by the leaders of a military coup, and end aid to Egypt.

Senator Rand Paul had the chance today to end the Obama Administration’s continued funding of the military-appointed Egyptian government. Senator Paul introduced a legislative amendment to restrict U.S. aid to Egypt, but before the amendment could receive a floor vote, it was blocked overwhelmingly in a roll call vote.

The following are the U.S. senators who voted in favor of allowing the Paul amendment to move forward:

Senator John Barrasso (Republican-WY)
Senator Thomas Coburn (Republican-OK)
Senator Michael Crapo (Republican-ID)
Senator Ted Cruz (Republican-TX)
Senator Michael Enzi (Republican-WY)
Senator Charles Grassley (Republican-IA)
Senator Dean Heller (Republican-NV)
Senator Mike Lee (Republican-UT)
Senator Mitch McConnell (Republican-KY)
Senator Jerry Moran (Republican-KS)
Senator Rand Paul (Republican-KY)
Senator James Risch (Republican-ID)
Senator John Thune (Republican-SD)

Every other member of the U.S. Senate, except for Heidi Heitkamp, who did not participate in the vote, chose to protect U.S. aid to Egypt, regardless of the military coup.

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