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US Gov’t: We Don’t Spy on Everyone… Just Everyone Who Follows Our Recommendations

U.S. Government Bodies Recommending that Citizens Encrypt Data for Information Security


The analysis shows a significant relationship between file or data encryption and reduced theft of intellectual property. Encryption, therefore, should be considered an important tool for protecting confidential information.

Federal Trade Commission:

Consider training employees to take basic steps to maintain the security, confidentiality, and integrity of customer information, including:

  • Locking rooms and file cabinets where records are kept;
  • Not sharing or openly posting employee passwords in work areas;
  • Encrypting sensitive customer information when it is transmitted electronically via public networks;

Federal Communications Commission:

Another essential data protection technology is encryption. Encryption has been used to protect sensitive data and communications for decades, and today’s encryption is very affordable, easy-to-use and highly effective in protecting data from prying eyes. Encryption encodes or scrambles information to such an advanced degree that it is unreadable and unusable by anyone who does not have the proper key to unlock the data. The key is like a password, so it’s very important that the key is properly protected at all times.

Department of Commerce:

Note: Encrypt your data before putting it into the cloud!… DO Seriously consider encrypting sensitive data on your system!

Department of Homeland Security:

Encrypting data is a good way to protect sensitive information. It ensures that the data can only be read by the person who is authorized to have access to it.

Encryption is especially important if you are trying to send sensitive information that other people should not be able to access. Because email messages are sent over the internet and might be intercepted by an attacker, it is important to add an additional layer of security to sensitive information.US-CERT division of the Department of Homeland Security recommends that people encrypt data -- an activity that another branch of government uses to identify targets of warrantless surveillance in the XKeyscore system

and again:

Data encapsulation, used in conjunction with encryption and authentication (as with a VPN), provides a legitimate benefit to those who need an efficient means to connect private networks.

Activity that Identifies You As a Potential Terrorist and Subject for U.S. Government Warrantless Surveillance in the XKeyscore Program:


XKeyscore NSA program: How do I find a cell of terrorists?  Look for someone who is using encryption.

Targeting people as potential terrorists for doing exactly what the government tells them to do intrusion reason is yet another reason to participate in 1984 Day.

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