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What To Do With Zucchini, Part 2


In July, Jim wrote an article asking what he could do with his zucchini. In my own garden this question has been answered for me by an unknown hungry animal.

This garden patch was defended by a fence 8 feet high.

My question is: What can I do with this zucchini? Should I bother to let it keep limping along, or just pull it up and throw it on the compost pile?

2 comments to What To Do With Zucchini, Part 2

  • Tom

    So did little flying critters munch the leaves? Snails?

    At this point, i’d pull it – without leaves it isn’t going to produce anything.

  • Jim Cook

    Sorry, man. That plant looks pretty ragged and doesn’t look like it’s going to be able to grow much of anything. If I didn’t live states away, I’d bring you some.of mine.

    The question that interests me is why I can grow my garden without fences or sprays or even, in the case of berries, nets to keep away birds. You’ve got an 8 foot fence and still the plants get it. What’s the environmental difference?

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