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Cheating Cheaters and the Cheaters who Cheat Them

Now that it’s possible to complete an entire college degree online, and with the rise of for-profit “universities” that don’t bother to proctor online exams, dozens of websites are offering to do absolutely all the classwork for lazy, incompetent and morally damaged students. Why study at all when you can lay down $800 to have someone else earn you 3 credit hours? There’s an answer to that question, and I think it rhymes with “factual yearning,” but I skipped lecture that day.

I won’t link to those websites here, but I’m tickled to link to online discussions of them. According to reviews, giving up your name, personal identifying information, course access codes and credit card number to an enterprise specializing in fraud might be a bad idea. My stars!

I can’t decide which is more amusing. Is it watching college students who cheat complain that the companies they paid cheated them?

  • Mark in Jackson, TN: “Used . Beware they are a scam. They ask for half up front. I cancelled in 2 weeks. They did not do any work. When I asked for a refund—magically their site is now unaccessible.”
  • John K. in Fort Lauderdale, FL: “I signed up with boostmygrades and they took my money and never did any work. A total scam website. Stay away.”
  • Josephine in San Clemente, CA: “Whatever you do, dont use a site called boostmygrades. This site is out to steal your money and leave you high and dry. I am in the military and I have trouble making ends meet. These people took my money and tried to scam me. Lucky I was able to get a refund from my bank, but still they need to be shut down.”
  • xenon1: “Onlineclasshelp. com, OnlineClassHelpers. com & WeTakeYourClass. com are scams!!!! These 2 websites are Owned and Operated by a FRAUD — They are both FRAUD AND SCAMS!

    I signed up with them and they promised me A’s!

    I had them do 2 discussion boards and a quiz, they wrote at a 2nd grade level please read this example of there writing when I had to write about what I like about the Bay Area (where I live and take my online class)

    “Living in the Bay Area it is more relaxed here then any other place in the USA, we can tolerate alot more then someone in Oklahoma. Which is in the Midwest. For instance we have many different races and cultures then they do in Oklahoma. So we do not become shocked when we see homosexual relationships, but Oklahomans would because they do not see much of that type of relationships. To us if a person is homosexual that is there business. The reason I mention this is would it be acceptable for me to tell Bob from Oklahoma that it is perfectly fine for homosexual relationships and that there is nothing wrong? So as trivial as this may sound if I may be so bold to ask is it alright to impose my feelings about my culture of experience of homosexual relationships to Bob and his culture of little or no experience of homosexual relationships?”


… or is it more amusing to watch representatives of the cheating services accusing other cheating services of cheating online by posting fake reviews?

  • Paul from Fort Lauderdale, FL: “This is Paul from and I just want to say #1 almost all these reviews that sound overly positive are fake. It’s simply the company posting fake reviews to gain new customers. I am in fact from and I know EliteClub50 is a fake review. In their message dated Nov 18 they claim they have live chat until 3am. No regular student would care or take the time to write about live chat at 3am. With our service, you will not need to contact us at 3am since your work will be done before the deadline. You can call us anytime and talk to an American, not someone in Asia like boostmygrades (that’s if you get someone on the phone which is highly unlikely).”
  • “Bob”: “As the owner of BoostMyGrades, I have several points I want to make here.

    The background of this complaint sounds real, but I know this complain is FAKE because we NEVER threaten our students and ALWAYS refund students if they’re not satisfied. A few of our competitors, notably “wetakeyourclass” and “onlineclasshelper,” routinely threaten their students. We have heard the horror stories….

    Do not fall for this FAKE review. We don’t post FAKE reviews about our competitors on BS websites like RipOff. I hope you’re smart enough to realize what’s going on. BEWARE of WETAKEYOURCLASS and ONLINECLASSHELPERS. NEVER give them your login info. We have heard too many stories where they screw their students even if they don’t hire them.”

Oh, the outrage! Oh, the injustice! Oh, the all caps!

One thought on “Cheating Cheaters and the Cheaters who Cheat Them”

  1. anonymous says:

    trust me don’t fall of this scam. Do your own work or hire the right one not the above mentioned or Trust me stay away from them. I had the same experienced.

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