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Ron Paul Appears To Have Bribed Politicians In 2012 Election

Far be it from me, a little ol’ political outsider living in a small town far away from Iowa, to say that I know for certain that Representative Ron Paul was giving bribes to elected Republican politicians in exchange for endorsement of his presidential candidacy in 2012.

However, I do feel free to note that the Des Moines Register has discovered that:

ron paul revolution1. An Iowa elected official sent messages to the Ron Paul campaign saying that he would need to be given certain amounts of money before he would transfer his support from Michele Bachmann to Ron Paul.

2. That elected official subsequently transferred his support from Michele Bachman to Ron Paul.

3. Ron Paul’s campaign team is refusing comment.

It would be unwise at this moment to claim certain knowledge, but only an idiot could fail to see the grounds for allegations of profound corruption on the part of Ron Paul.

For libertarians, I suppose, corruption is just another manifestation of the awesome wisdom of the free market in politicians.

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