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Buddhist Violence Erupts Again

American Buddhists have an irritating habit of chiding members of other religions, droning on about the brutality associated with others’ beliefs, while promoting Buddhism as a model of serene nonviolence, full of wise “mindfulness”.

Recent news reminds us that Buddhist religion can get its followers’ minds full of dangerous hatred.

This spring, I reported on the massive ethnic violence in Myanmar, organized by Buddhist monks.  For years, Irregular Times has been chronicling the violent Buddhist guruhood of Ram Bomjon in Nepal.

Today, the BBC reports that new Buddhist violence has erupted – this time in Sri Lanka, where a violent mob of Buddhists attacked a mosque in the city of Colombo, leaving several Muslims in need of medical care.  It seems that the Sri Lankan Buddhists have been attacking Christians on the island as well.

Namaste, my ass. Buddhists need to stop preaching about the superior enlightenment of their tradition, and learn to shambala their own suns for a change.

3 thoughts on “Buddhist Violence Erupts Again”

  1. Tom says:

    As it was with Christianity and the Inquisition, so too is it with Islam and the Taliban and now Buddhism. The common “devotees” are basically idiots that haven’t a clue (according to the writings and examples of the founders of said religions – all of whom spoke of non-violence) and the “leaders” are power-hungry, rigid dogmatists rather than “enlightened” individuals (imho). I think most of the violence is actually a result of both climate change, population overshoot and resource depletion but being carried out as religious intolerance, much like other social eruptions (the Watts riots come to mind) are sparked by some only tangentially related incident while the underlying inequities are ignored to “keep it simple” for the masses.

    just my two cents

  2. briny says:

    Given a few millenia of history as a guide, that’s my read a well. Classic ‘power-conflict’ where one or some individuals hijack a societal structure for their own purposes, often (always?) at the expense of the rest of society

  3. TJ says:

    Dangerous religion enters the arena. Anyone who meets a Buddhist will soon discover delusional individuals living in a self absorbed fantasy world. The can not kill, yet they can kill, and sometimes kill children after molesting them, and create slaves, and destroy other religions.
    They can not kill to eat, but they can eat the killed, and eat lots of the killed so long as someone else does the killing for them.
    Buddhist should not have immoral sex, but some of it is not all bad, because extra sex can improve a Buddhist spiritual energy.
    Buddhist do not use drugs, maybe sometimes, don’t abuse, but sometimes drugs use Buddhist. They have eluded error through Buddha the enlightened.
    It might astound many people, including many Buddhists, to learn that one of the arhats, or enlightened saints, was a serial killer. This killer was named Angulimala, whose name means “Finger Garland,” due to the garland composed of the finger bones of his 999 victims that he wore around his neck. According to the commentarial tradition, he was on the verge of killing his own mother when the Buddha intercepted him. The tradition also states that all of this was done at the behest of his spiritual teacher who had demanded a garland of 1,000 finger bones as payment for teachings that would enable him to be reborn in heaven. So this mass murderer was motivated by blind faith and religious fanaticism. In our day, he would doubtless have become a terrorist, perhaps even a suicide bomber. And yet Angulimala would become a saint, and even a performer of healing miracles after his encounter with the Buddha. How did this happen?

    Buddha the serial killer

    “While walking, contemplative,
    you say,’I have stopped.’
    But when I have stopped
    you say I haven’t.
    I ask you the meaning of this:
    How have you stopped?
    How haven’t I?”

    [The Buddha:]
    “I have stopped, Angulimala,
    once & for all,
    having cast off violence
    toward all living beings.
    You, though,
    are unrestrained toward beings.
    That’s how I’ve stopped
    and you haven’t.”

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