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What Can You Do 24/7?

If you’ve watched more than an hour of television since 1980, you’ll have encountered at least one politician, business leader, sports coach or motivational speaker declaring that the secret of success is to “give 110%” — 10% more than it’s possible to give. It used to be that the idea of humans achieving more than they could possibly achieve was considered tragically absurd; the idea of impossible effort as a standard to which we should asipre is relatively new but increasingly popular:

Give 110% in Books, as measured by the Google Ngrams database, 1950-2008

In a brief interview with Hootsuite today, Collective Bias Chief Marketing Officer Ted Rubin declared that “Social is what I do, every day, 24/7. I use social media to build connections, engagement, relationships and value.” “24/7” is another version of 110%; a bit of hyperbole that is unattainable for any but the most mundane activities (like, say, breathing). If Ted Rubin is really using social media 24/7 to add value for his corporation (which pays bloggers to say nice things about other corporations’ products), think about what that means. It means Ted Rubin is building online relationships while he sits on the toilet. Facebooking while asleep. Tweeting while making love. Monetizing gamification badges while he pushes a rock up a hill.

What else do people say they’re up to “24/7”?

Victoria Sanders assembles mailing lists while she’s on the pot.
Shawnisa wears sandals to bed.
Dave Oshry keeps his hair sexy while he’s making breakfast.
Pratt Rogers lifts weights in the shower.
Ashley eats while she’s driving.
Glitter listens to the Jonas Brothers while she’s listening to the news.

OMG, 4Ever.

One thought on “What Can You Do 24/7?”

  1. Bill says:

    Now, more than ever, Wendell Berry: “The chief concern of the industrial system is to cheapen work by increasing volume[….] Do I wish to keep up with the times? No. My wish is to live my life as fully as I can. In both our work and our leisure, I think, we should be so employed.

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