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Obama Does A Small Excellent Thing

Irregular Times has, for years, criticized President Barack Obama for his anti-progressive policies. One of our criticisms has been of Obama’s refusal to make the White House itself energy efficient. Years ago, Obama was offered solar panels to install on the roof of the White House, at no cost to the American people. Obama wouldn’t do it. Obama refused even to meet with the team bringing the panels.

Now, years later, President Obama has finally reversed course on the issue of solar energy for the White House. He has agreed to install solar panels on the White House roof.

In the context of Obama’s moves to open up unprecedented areas of America’s lands and coastlines to drilling for oil, it’s a small move. However, it’s one worth noting because, unlike those who seek evidence of secret Islamic conspiracies in the Obama White House by looking for secret patterns in photographs of Barack Obama’s jewelry, we oppose Barack Obama on the basis of his right-leaning policies, not on the basis of animosity towards him as an individual person.

Obama’s small move in the right direction is worth a small note.

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