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Amy Klobuchar Would Be An NSA Surveillance Candidate For President

Over the weekend, Democratic U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar created speculation that she may run for President in 2016 when she took a two-day trip down into Iowa from her home state of Minnesota. Her trip included a visit to a local Democratic Party fundraiser.

While at that fundraiser, Senator Klobuchar told the crowd, “You are the state that has gained notoriety for picking the country’s presidents, and we are the state – thanks to the great Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale – that supplied the country with vice presidents.”

What if Klobuchar is thinking about joining the 2016 presidential campaign, or is beginning a behind-the-scenes campaign to take the slot of the vice presidential nominee for the Democrats in 2016? Is this something Democratic voters could get excited about?

nsa disappointmentNot if they want to avoid a repeat of the NSA spying scandal that is putting Barack Obama into the same camp as George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

Every anticipated Democratic candidate for President has either taken part, supported, or silently declined to oppose the constant surveillance of the American people by the National Security Agency – a part of the U.S. military. A Klobuchar for President campaign in 2016 would only add one more name to that list.

In 2011, when the U.S. Senate had the opportunity to amend the Patriot Act in order to prevent the kind of outrageously excessive spying programs that the National Security Agency has been caught working on, Amy Klobuchar instead voted to approve the Patriot Act without any reform.

To make matters worse, though Senator Klobuchar had the additional opportunity to work with her colleagues on the Senate Judiciary Committee to reform the Patriot Act by amendment, she voted to block every reform to the Patriot Act that was offered instead.

It wasn’t the first time. Back in 2009, Amy Klobuchar not only voted for renewal of the Patriot Act, without reform, and voted against attempts at reform in the Judiciary Committee, but was even one of the co-sponsors of the 2009 Senate bill to keep the NSA spying against Americans going by renewing the Patriot Act without any reform.

Senator Klobuchar hasn’t simply gone along with the flow to allow the electronic surveillance of Americans’ telephone calls, emails, and Internet activity by the military through the NSA. Senator Klobuchar has actively worked to make sure that Americans are spied upon by their own government, in violation of the Bill of Rights.

A vote for Amy Klobuchar is a vote to keep Big Brother watching you.

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  1. Stephen Kent Gray says:,_2016

    I’d find it more helpful to go through the list looking for anti-surveillance candidates like Gary Johnson, Jesse Ventura, and Rand Paul rather than listing the pro NSA people. Please extensively go through Wikipedia’s list and make a chart listing each and every candidate’s position on this issue for the five parties and the independent.

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