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In 2013, Parties Abandon the Union Fair

In 2010, Democrats set up an unstaffed table in a shed with a few pieces of literature at the Union Fair in Knox County, Maine. Republicans paid for a prominently-placed tent, a tied-together tarp which was consistently staffed and which sold sweatshop-made promotional material.

Tent for the Knox County Republicans at the Union Fair 2010

In 2011, Knox County Democrats were gone entirely from the Union Fair, while Knox County Republicans showed up with a new and improved tent, selling sweatshop-made shirts featuring GOP Elephants going to the bathroom, shedding little Democratic donkeys like so many turds.

Knox County Republican Party Tent at the Union Fair, August 2012

In 2012, the Democratic Party still had no presence at the Union Fair. The Knox County Republicans not only sold shirts in their tent, but also distributed literature insisting that Christianity is right, Islam is wrong, birth control is an abomination and same-sex marriage is on the wrong side of history.

This year, the space previously occupied by the Maine GOP is unoccupied; through the empty space people have been watching the horse races. I’ve searched the fairgrounds, and have come to the conclusion that party politics aren’t just relocated from the Union Fair; they’re absent entirely.

No Political Party Tents at the 2013 Union Fair in Knox County, Maine

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