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NSA Illegally Ignored The FISA Court For Years To Spy On American Emails

Another new revelation about the military’s electronic espionage program targeting Americans through the NSA:

The National Security Agency has admitted that, in just one case of abuse, it collected the content, not just the metadata, of tens of thousands of personal emails from Americans for three years without even going through the formality of asking the rubber stamp FISA court for authorization. Once the FISA court found out about the program, FISA judges say that the NSA still attempted to mislead them about the true nature of the email spying.

another lie from obamaThe FISA court had no idea what was going on, but given that there was no real congressional oversight of electronic surveillance by the NSA, there was no one in place to stop the abuses. Huge numbers of private communications of Americans were seized and searched without any warrant as required by the Fourth Amendment in the Bill of Rights, and thanks to the Patriot Act and FISA Amendments Act, nobody could stop the anti-American spying from taking place.

Barack Obama knew about this, but told us “There is no spying against Americans.”

Stuff it, Barack.

Why should anyone believe anything President Obama has to say about the NSA abuses?

One thought on “NSA Illegally Ignored The FISA Court For Years To Spy On American Emails”

  1. Tom says:

    Kinda suggests who’s really “in charge.”

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