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The Worm On The Roof

This morning, I had to prune some large branches of a climbing hydrangea off the roof of my barn. The hydrangea is beautiful, and I am leaving the parts of it that hang on the external walls of the barn, but on the roof, the branches were collecting leaf litter, decomposing into a thin layer of soil, where other plants could take root.

In the soil, under the branches, I found earthworms. How did they get there?

2 comments to The Worm On The Roof

  • Dave

    Bird poop. Earthworms that are eaten by birds often contain eggs. That’s my theory. I once found a large prickly pear cactus growing near the top of a Live Oak tree. Cactus seeds are about the same size as earthworm eggs.

  • Tom

    A worm could have climbed up the hydrangea, been dropped up there by a bird (good one Dave), or some other possibility. But here’s one for you – I was at a picnic at a friend’s house. On top of his one-car flat-topped garage one morning a few days before, as he was looking out of his kitchen window, he saw a fresh pile of dog poop! There were no ladders or other means of getting up there, it wasn’t thrown or it would have been all over the place, and it wasn’t old. He put up a ladder, climbed to the top with his camera, took several pictures (it was about 3 feet in from the edge) including close-ups, gently scooped it up and put it in a clear plastic bag and brought it down. We puzzled over this for quite a while. It was too large to be cat poo, in a nice neat pile like it is usually deposited, and looked like exactly like dog poop. How did THAT get there?

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