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The Cipher March on Washington

Something odd is going on in Washington, DC today. The Chicago Defender lists a “March for Jobs and Justice” in DC as part of the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of a larger civil rights March on Washington (it is the only commemorative event listed by the Chicago Defender that includes any reference to current activism). But following the link to the organizing group’s page regarding the march reveals not a single description of any principle or demand by marchers. What’s the march for? What’s it about? I have not a clue (“Jobs” and “Justice” can mean anything).

Adding discomfort to disclarity, Brentin Mock has discovered that the organizer of this “march,” whatever it might be for, has trademarked the original symbol of the March on Washington event by adding a new circle around it and the word “2013,” using his website to attract people to a civil rights conference… for which people must shell out money.

In the absence of any clear indication of any animating principle behind this “march,” I detect a whiff of fish.

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