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Members of Congress Told They Cannot See Records Of Their Own Surveillance By The NSA

Thank you to Not Safe For Work Corporation for sharing an interesting wrinkle on the expanding scandal of the military’s electronic surveillance network that searches and seizes enormous amounts of private communications of American civilians: It turns out that when National Security Agency chief Keith Alexander and NSA architect James Clapper met with members of Congress earlier this summer, U.S. Representatives learned that the NSA probably has records of their own phone calls, emails, and Internet traffic. However, when one member of Congress asked if the NSA would share these records with members of Congress, so that Congress could understand the extent that they were being spied on, the request was refused.

How can anyone say that Congress has genuine oversight of the many NSA spying programs, when Congress is not even being told how much it is being kept under surveillance itself?

2 thoughts on “Members of Congress Told They Cannot See Records Of Their Own Surveillance By The NSA”

  1. Daniel Patterson says:

    That’s odd. Instead of an outright refusal, I would think they might give them a slice and pass that along as a full pie. Thumbing a nose up at Congress suggests an unusual degree of confidence.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      The word that comes to my mind is defiance.

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