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Where is the Rally for That?

This morning, I passed by a rally against “NATO/Israeli Imperialism” and for “friendship with Syria.”  Earlier this morning, I read an editorial asking me to “stand with President Obama” during this “time of crisis.”

I too would like to rally or stand, but I want to know where I’m standing and who I’m rallying with.

Is there a rally that recognizes Syria is not friendly, that Israel and NATO are not responsible for the human rights atrocities of the Assad regime, and that diplomacy is unlikely to dislodge the country’s corrupt current leadership?

Does that same rally recognize that the President of the United States has no legal right to bomb a country without congressional approval, that “surgical strikes” will not be surgical unless we’re using the metaphor of malpractice, and that the enterprise will be a jingoistic product promotion for bloated military contractors?

Is there a rally for all that?

2 thoughts on “Where is the Rally for That?”

  1. Dave says:

    If this Prez goes forward with his plans to bomb Syria, it will be his swan song. I am quite pleased to see Americans of every political stripe saying enough is enough. It is the first time most of us agreed on something in quite a while – something like 91% opposed.

  2. JeffD says:

    Obama can’t take military action against Syria. He owns a Nobel Peace Prize.

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