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International Bacon Day Offers A Thinly Sliced Pig’s Belly Of A Holiday

According to the Bacon Today web site, which promises readers daily news about bacon, yesterday was International Bacon Day. There were few observances of the holiday that were not directly coordinated by corporate bacon interests, however.

There was a Bacon Festival in San Jose, California, but the event was a disaster. Event organizers Moveable Feast charged people separate fees for parking and entrance and food, but was unprepared to deal with the crowds of people, hungry for bacon, that came. Lines were long, and then, before the middle of the afternoon, the festival ran completely out of bacon.

“It was an EPIC fail,” writes one person who attended the festival. “We arrived at 3 pm and we got 2 bacon wrapped corn dogs for one hour wait in line (for the kids) and then most of the trucks were out of bacon dishes when the adults wanted to eat. You need to either NOT CHARGE or limit the tickets for this event. We won’t be attending next year and we’ll be warning everyone else not to bother either. We felt robbed.” Another attendee reports that, “A lot of people left feeling bamboozled and disgruntled.”

It’s certain that many people like to eat bacon, but the Baconopalypse of San Jose may be a hint that the bacon industry is overdoing its appeal to people’s instinctual hunger for fat and salt. Along these lines, Bacon Today promotes the following items:

– bacon corn dog ice cream
– bacon soda
– bacon gum
– bacon coffee
– bacon dental floss
– bacon lollipops
– bacon milkshakes
– bacon perfume
If these bacon products aren’t enough to turn your stomach, how about this story, which was not reported by Bacon Today: In Toronto this month, 223 people were sickened by eating maple bacon jam infested with staphylococcus aureus at the Canadian National Exhibition.

2 thoughts on “International Bacon Day Offers A Thinly Sliced Pig’s Belly Of A Holiday”

  1. Bill says:

    My personal favorite has always been the Gilroy Garlic Festival. Sounds like these young upstart bacon-boys could learn themselves a thing or two from ’em…GGF has been coming off without a hitch every year for 35 years now.

    1. Bill says:

      And if you go, be sure to try the garlic ice cream. It’s…different.

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