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No Labels Fake Grassroots Website only Visited by Spambots

It’s been more than year since the 501c3 corporation No Labels launched its “ConnectUs” pages for all 50 states on which all the grassroots “centrist” Americans who want to cut taxes for corporations and cut social security for people could engage in grassroots organizing on the grassy grassroots state level.

After receiving a huge number of e-mail messages last year asking me to create a grassroots account and become a member of the grassroots ConnectUs group for the state of Maine where I live, I signed up for an account so I could check in from time to time and see just how grassrootsy No Labels’ pro-corporate centrist wave might be. The following are all of the posts made to No Labels’ Maine ConnectUs pages during the months of June, July and August:

  1. two pieces of automated spam selling “hoodia” (what’s hoodia?)
  2. a piece of automated spam hawking travel packages to Cochin
  3. a piece of automated spam promoting a credit score scam
  4. a piece of automated spam selling weight loss pills
  5. a piece of automated spam selling acne medicine
  6. a piece of automated spam selling “PDA workflow technology”
  7. a piece of automated spam promoting payday loans

Absolutely no real human beings have participated in this supposed grassroots centrist movement.

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