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iPhone The Most Insecure Smartphone Against NSA Spying

old telephoneA new report details how the National Security Agency can access remarkable amounts of user data from smartphones. It’s not just email and telephone calls that the NSA can grab, but contact information, physical location, and even information from documents that are kept on the phones but not transmitted.

Blackberry phones and Androids are vulnerable, but according to the newly released documents, the mobile devices with the weakest security are Apple’s iPhones. So much for the genius of Steve Jobs.

For those Americans who still believe that their private information is none of the government’s business, there is an alternative. A model of telephone has been available that, although vulnerable to wiretapping, thwarts all other forms of NSA spying. The phone simply doesn’t store user data. It works without any computer equipment at all. Perhaps you’ve seen one around – maybe in your grandparents’ house.

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