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If Meth Use is Really an Epidemic, it’s a Pretty Lame One

Look through local news outlets around the country and you’ll find local police departments with anecdotal reports heralding the explosion of a “meth epidemic.”

But is the country really being struck by a meth epidemic? Not according to national statistics (click images to visit source data, provided by the Drug Enforcement Agency and the University of Michigan’s Monitoring the Future project):

Meth Use is Down among Youth



Results from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health have just been updated with new data showing that only 0.2% of the population used meth in a one-month period during the year 2012. That’s 1 in 500 people — and that’s a rate unchanged from the year before. In 2006 the monthly rate of meth use was 0.3%, higher than it is now.

If that’s an epidemic, it’s a pretty lame one.

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