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United Airlines Tosses Passenger Carry On Bags For Credit Card Profit

united airlines priority boardingem>”With Priority Boarding I can find space for my carry on.” That’s the big pitch from this advertisement from United Airlines, trying to convince its customers to sign up for a Chase VISA credit card.

What’s the big deal about finding space for your carry on?

By charging extra fees for checking luggage, United Airlines has transformed pre-flight boarding into a desperate rush by passengers who crowd the gate, anxious to board in the hurry because they know that United Airlines planes don’t have enough space to carry everyone’s carry-on bags. On almost every flight, many unfortunate passengers are forced to surrender their luggage, hoping that their bags get checked in time, rather than getting left behind.

This advertisement promises that passengers who agree to go into debt with the United MileagePlus Explorer credit card will be allowed to cut ahead in line, putting their carry-on bags in the overhead bins first…

…so that some other poor schmucks who would have been able to keep their carry-on bags will be forced to give up their luggage.

As far as most United Airlines passengers are concerned, the tag line for this advertisement might as well read, With my Priority Boarding, you have to give up your bag, because United Airlines cares more about making quick profits from credit card late fees than it cares about providing reasonable service for most of its customers.

2 thoughts on “United Airlines Tosses Passenger Carry On Bags For Credit Card Profit”

  1. Bill says:

    Well, gosh, United has to find some creative means of making money, what with having just accidentally sold untold numbers of tickets for $5 each.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Just keep saying the mantra, Bill: Corporate mergers increase efficiency. Corporate mergers increase efficiency. Corporate mergers…

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