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Elegance Is An Attitude, Plus A Lot Of Money

Why aren’t you elegant enough?

The Longines luxury watch company has an answer to this haunting question: You have the wrong attitude.

longines elegance advertisementElegance is an attitude – that’s the tag line from the recent spate of advertisements for the Longines luxury watches.

The suggestion presented by this slogan is that elegance is something that we merely need to consciously cultivate. It’s a state of mind. The implication is that people who demonstrate elegance do so because they have a superior personality.

Could I go to a store and get a Longines watch with nothing but attitude?

The image used in the advertisement suggest something else. Elegance is purchased with lots and lots of money, enough to own and keep a thoroughbred race horse… and a Longines luxury watch.

Longines has never and will never shoot an advertisement featuring a person wearing inexpensive clothes, in an affordable apartment, with a bicycle in the background. The elegance that could be found in such a place is in the wrong market for Longines. It takes thousands of dollars to buy a Longines watch.

Do you know anyone with enough money to spare to spend thousands of dollars on just a wristwatch?

This advertisement reminds me of the Calvinist doctrine that wealth is a sign of innate superiority of character. We are shown that it requires wealth to buy elegance, and yet, we are simultaneously expected to believe that elegance is simply an attitude.

The Longines variety of elegance is an attitude, all right. It’s an attitude of arrogance.

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