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Puke Different

Apple likes to brand itself as a company that values design, creating products that are both beautiful and functional. However, this brand identity is taking a serious hit with the release of iOS 7, a new operating system for its iPhone mobile devices.

Apparently, Apple iOS 7 literally makes its users want to vomit. On-screen animations induce vertigo so serious that many users are calling in sick to work.

Apple calls these features “lively”.

I suppose that when people are running to reach the bathroom before they puke, yes, that could be perceived as lively. Technology that brings them a lively feeling in their stomach may not be what people are looking for in their smartphones, however.

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One thought on “Puke Different”

  1. J Clifford says:

    Good news, Apple fans! If your new iPhone makes you want to vomit, well, that’s okay, because the iPhone Apple Maps program will get you quickly to where you can find some air sickness bags.

    If you trust Apple Maps to direct you to the airport in Fairbanks, Alaska, it will direct you to drive across an active runway to do so.

    I suppose that’s a design thing, which is why I don’t understand the value of such creative navigation.

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