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Will Government Shutdown Protect Us From NSA Spies?

The latest government shutdown drama has me yawning. The stakes are high, I know, and if the other side gets its way, then yadda, yadda, yadda. We’ve heard it all before – especially in recent years. I know I’m supposed to get worked up at the idea that the Republicans are threatening to shut down the federal government, but the threat has been overplayed, and I’m just not interested.

nsa eye redBesides, I’ve seen what the Democrats do with these games of chicken: They play the chicken. That’s how we got to the point where the Democrats are now begging John Boehner for permission to have draconian sequestration-level spending. It’s pathetic.

Amidst all of the hand-wringing about the failure of the House Republicans to fund the federal budget, there’s just one question that captures my attention: How long will it be after the government shutdown begins before I can pick up a telephone or send an email without worrying that military spies from the NSA are listening in?

Really, if the politicians in Congress were serious about cutting budgets and preventing the growth of big government power, don’t you think they’d be going after the National Security Agency?

2 thoughts on “Will Government Shutdown Protect Us From NSA Spies?”

  1. Tom says:

    One could only wish, J. Clifford, that the government will not only shut down, but also cut funding to the military, homeland security and other huge wasters of money. Unfortunately, you’re observation regarding politicians as pathetic is accurate and these clowns will find a way to keep the corporations gobbling government money while schools are closing down, monitoring of radiation goes by the wayside and other important information and functions get shut off due to lack of funding. The puppetmasters pull the strings by making behind the scenes phone calls to their Washington marionettes to “get things done,” ie. keep the money flowing to their vested interests. So much for government “of the people” (they left out the word “rich” in the description), “by the people” (all wealthy politicians) and “for the people” (the power brokers and well connected).

  2. J Clifford says:

    Yeah, I recognize that a “government shutdown” really means a shutdown of all the programs that benefit the majority of the American people, alongside the preservation of government spending that benefits the wealthy. Senator Dean Heller, for example, introduced a bill earlier this week that would specifically preserve payments to civilian corporations that work with the U.S. military, in the case of a “government shutdown”.

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