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Government Political Donation Site Goes Dark and Stays Dark, Keeping Big Money in the Dark

It may seem like a long time ago, but it was not so long. Back in 2006, a political corporation called Unity08 started sending out well-funded broadcasts and arranging high-profile media placements through its inside connections. While it claimed that it was standing against the forces of “big money” and demanded that other political parties collect at least half their funds from donations of $250 or less, Unity ’08 took 82% of its money from such “big money” donors. Most of its donors didn’t turn out to be “people like you,” as Unity08 claimed, but rather Wall Street financiers and denizens of the posh DC dinner party circuit.

How did I find this out? By using the public search function for the IRS records of Section 527 political corporations — records to which the public is guaranteed access by law.

Guess what’s been made unavailable since early July of 2013 — nearly three months now? That’s right — the public search function for IRS records of Section 527 political corporations.

If Unity08 made its debut today, I wouldn’t have been able to test a single one of its brazenly false claims. None of the records thousands of Section 527 political corporations can be searched for tell-tale needles in the haystack. There’s no telling when the information will return. And since July, no one in the professional news industry has bothered to mention that.

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