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Donation to the Rally Against Mass Surveillance

Here at Irregular Times, we don’t accept advertisements because we don’t want any pressure to change what we write. Instead, we sell sweatshop-free t-shirts we’ve designed and use the proceeds to keep the site going. We also set aside a dollar for every shirt we sell and dedicate that money to good political causes in the United States.

This October 26, as you may know, there will be a massive march from Union Station to the Washington Mall in Washington DC — a show of strength by people who oppose the massive warrantless surveillance and seizure program carried out in secret by the United States government against millions of ordinary, law-abiding people, against you and me.

To pull off a protest on a massive scale, the protest needs masses of people to show up — and that mass is measured in single units. You could be one added to the crowd. Will you be there?

Can we do more to bring people there? Yes, without a dollar directly spent: we can tell friends, we can cajole neighbors. What about people who can’t afford the bus fare? What about getting word out to people in communities where nobody knows about the protest, so no word of mouth can spread? Getting these folks to Washington takes resources. So here at Irregular Times we’ve taken our (admittedly not too big) donation stash and sent it off to the organizing fund for the October 26 protest.

Hopefully, the effect of that donation will multiply. As the graph shows below, thousands have been given over the past week, but there are still a lot of needs going unmet:

Funds raised for the October 26 2013 Protest Against Mass Surveillance, Over the Past Six Days

If you have a dollar or two to spare, consider chipping them in for the anti-surveillance effort. It’s a timely cause. It’s important. With your wallet or your body, give a little push.

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