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The Can Kicks Back Promises to Send Your Can to Capitol Hill: Will It?

“The Can Kicks Back” calls itself a a social movement of young people who all just happened to decide on their own last year to kick-start a young movement of young people burning to tax poor people more, tax corporations less, and slash social programs.

If you believe that “movement” is real, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

The truth is that “The Can Kicks Back” is one of a constellation of registered political corporations that are all funded by the billionaire soak-the-poor advocate Peter G. Peterson, that all share money and a Washington DC office, and whose leaders have been longstanding staffers in fake-grassroots efforts like Americans Elect and the committee to “draft” Peterson’s underling David Walker to run for President in 2012. All of these fake Peterson-funded organizations support the same agenda: taxing the poor more, taxing corporations less, and slashing social programs.

The Can Kicks Back Tries to Buy Student Support with SwagNow, after a spring in which it couldn’t convince actual college students to support a “student movement”, billionaire Pete Peterson “The Can Kicks Back” has launched a bus tour driving around the country and setting up tables at campuses at which it has been handing out freebies (or as TCKB says in an impersonation of the youths, “swag”) to try and convince students to hang out in the camera frame long enough to make it look successful. The bus tour wasn’t funded at a grassroots level — this IndieGogo page demonstrates that the tour nabbed only $3,133 in pledges, hardly enough to pay for a “five-week van tour” for half a dozen dewy-eyed hires.

Its latest gimmick is putting messages on cans. If you visit this page and write a message with your name, The Can Kicks Back promises to put your message on a can and send it to Washington, DC to convince Congressfolks that the youngsters really do want to get rid of social security after all. I suggest you put this message on a can instead. It’s what I wrote:

The Can Kicks Back promises to put your message on a can

The Can Kicks back is an astroturf campaign fronted by billionaire Pete Peterson in order to accomplish massive cuts to social programs for struggling working Americans, and it doesn't have the guts to put this message on one of its cans.

The promise is reiterated in an e-mail I personally received, inviting me to write my very own special message:

The Can Kicks Back Promise

Blake Wright, Blake Wright… where have I heard that name before? Oh, right: he’s the guy who was simultaneously working for Americans Elect and the not-grassroots campaign to elect Pete Peterson’s underling President.

Anyhoo — do you think they’ll send my message to Congress? Do ya?

One thought on “The Can Kicks Back Promises to Send Your Can to Capitol Hill: Will It?”

  1. Jim Cook says:

    P.S. … a whopping FOUR PEOPLE have added their messages to a can using this page and then followed the page’s suggestion to post an automated Tweet about it. Why, it’s a wave!

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