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Yoga Brings Serenity, Mindfulness, Hypocrisy, Tax Evasion

Two years ago, a Hindu spiritual leader named Ramdev led an anti-corruption rally of 100,000 people in India. Ramdev, alleged that corrupt politicians and business leaders were evading taxes by using offshore bank accounts.

Ramdev advocates the elimination of sex education classes in schools, saying that the children of India don’t need to learn about how to have safe sex so long as they practice yoga. Ramdev also says that he can treat AIDS with yoga and ayurvedic medicine. Ramdev says that yoga is also a cure for homosexuality, which he tells his followers is sick and unnatural. Ramdev also claims that a homosexual cabal is secretly ruling India, but has never explained how they secret gay elites can manage the task, if they’re so sick.

Yoga Enlightenment


Yesterday, police raided the offices of Ramdev’s international cosmetics business, and have charged Ramdev with purposefully evading paying taxes on the sales of the items in his catalog.

I suppose that every medical treatment has its side effects. Apparently, although Ramdev’s yoga cures homosexuality and treats AIDS, it may cause some moral hypocrisy and tax evasion. Please talk to your doctor before following Ramdev’s advice.

3 thoughts on “Yoga Brings Serenity, Mindfulness, Hypocrisy, Tax Evasion”

  1. Dave says:

    Peregrin, he may be a crank with crazy notions, but you have provided no proof that he has evaded paying taxes. Please be more careful when agreeing with governments who, for all you know, plant evidence against those they find problematic. It could be coming to a government near you.

  2. Happy Me says:

    It is obvious that Ramdev knew nothing of yoga

    1. J Clifford says:

      How is that obvious? Isn’t the history of yoga full of charlatans?

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