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Harry Reid Never Talks About What’s Good For The American People, Except In Reality

It sounds like a stereotype, but there really are right wing activists who are enjoying the shutdown of the federal government. Among these is Dave Hodges, host of the Common Sense Show, who writes, “An attack upon government is an attack upon the forces of the New World Order. And that, my fellow Americans, is a great thing to behold!”

In his gleeful attack on all things governmental, Hodges swings in wide arcs of rhetoric, with little regard for reality. Hodges tells his readers, “Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-NV), doesn’t speak to the fact that he was elected to serve the American people. Instead, he speaks to the fact that his allegiance is to the government, whom he serves.”

Is it true? It’s simple enough to check.

Looking at the actual text of Harry Reid’s speeches, I find plenty of examples in which Harry Reid speaks directly to the fact that he was elected to serve the American people.

When Congress was debating the passage of the Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act, Senator Reid gave a speech with the title The American People Are Counting On Us To Pass The Senate Health Reform Bill

common sense showJust a couple weeks ago, talking about the Republican plan to shut down the federal government, Reid quoted the US Chamber of Commerce, saying “It is not in the best interest of the U.S. business community or the American people to risk even a brief government shutdown that might trigger disruptive consequences or raise new policy uncertainties washing over the U.S. economy.” There Reid is, talking again about the importance of serving the needs of the American people. He just can’t stop himself, can he?

In that same speech, Reid continued to identify the needs of particular special interest groups among the American people, such as children: “How many children will go to school without breakfast? How many workers will lose their jobs, how many seniors will lose their retirements and how many businesses will lose their hard-earned investments if Republicans tank the economy? I only hope the anarchists Republicans in the House of Representatives come to their senses before it’s too late.”

It’s a great thing for political writers to criticize people in positions of power. Search through Irregular Times, and you’ll find that we have criticized Harry Reid many times – on his vote to provide government funding to tobacco companies by reducing funding for food stamps, for example. It’s essential, however, that when we criticize political leaders, we do so on the basis of reality, not hyperbole.

Dave Hodges fails the reality test.

One thought on “Harry Reid Never Talks About What’s Good For The American People, Except In Reality”

  1. Bill says:

    For yet more adventures in watching people who are gleeful over the paralyzation of our nation’s government, just check out the comments section following any recent ‘news’ item at the Tea Party Patriots web site. These self-styled ‘patriots,’ ironically mostly elderly and lower-middle class, are practically giddy over the great job the organization they support is doing destroying the country they pretend to love. They have no concept that the money they donate to TPP essentially goes right into the pockets of billionaires like the Koch brothers, nor that the destruction of our nation’s government that the TPP seeks will harm them and benefit only those billionaires. It’s really sad, yet oddly fascinating, like watching a ship sink.

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