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October 26 Stop Watching Us Protest in DC: Hop On The Bus

Are you sick and tired of the U.S. military (that’s what the NSA is) blasting through the constitution to monitor, search through and seize your private communications over internet, phone and mail? You can do something about it this Saturday October 26, when people who are upset just like you are gathering for a Rally Against Mass Surveillance. If you can get there on your own, make your way to the front of Union Station by Noon to participate in the march on the U.S. Capitol.

If you can’t get there on your own, don’t give up. If you live in New York City, Baltimore or Philadelphia (and millions of you do), hop on a bus to get you to the protest. The price for the bus ride is as low as $10… and if you can’t afford that, then guess what? You can contact to negotiate an even lower cost.

What if you have a limited budget and you don’t live in New York City, Baltimore or Philadelphia? How can you get yourself to DC? Check out the ride-shares being arranged from places like Charlottesville and Pittsburgh. If you’re taking a car from North Carolina or Tennessee or Ohio or Kentucky or Massachusetts, you can use that service to offer a ride to fellow protesters, too. The bottom line is that a large portion of the American public can get itself to the October 26 rally. I hope it will be there. I hope you will be there.

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